The gem of our hotel is the modern furnished Spa, which offers amenities such as:

Only our hotel guests can use the wellness area!

Indoor pool
15-meter swimming pool is ideal for relaxation or for the lovers of swimming.
The pool temperature: 25 °C
The indoor pool is open from 7:00 to 20:00 daily
Finnish sauna
The high temperature (80-90 ° C) and low humidity (10% maximum) level provides the refreshing effect of the sauna. The Finnish sauna is good for the heart and circulation and helps in detoxification. Sauna has a tranquilizing effect to your brain which promotes deeper and more intense sleep.
Finnish sauna capacity: 8 people
Infra sauna
As part of the suns invisible radiation spectrum, the far-infrared light easily penetrate human tissue, which is resulted natural resonance with countless beneficial effect. The using of the infra sauna is more pleasant because the air temperature is lower 8only 40 to 55 °C) than in Finnish sauna.
Infra sauna capacity: 2 people
Steam Room
Those, who feel uncomfortable the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, there is more advisable for them to sweat in the steam room. In case of proper use of the steam room it has several beneficial effect. It has relaxing and anti-stress effect, good for respiratory diseases and also mitigates rheumatic complaints.
Steam room capacity: 6 people
The wellness department is open from 7:00 to 10:00 hour and 16:00 to 20:00 hour daily.
On request we make available our wellness department outside the above mentioned periods, as well.
When not recommended to use the wellness department?
• In the case of acute febrile diseases
• In the case of increased varicose veins
• In the case of renal failure
• In the case of myositis
• In the case of severe hypertension
• In the case of active phase of asthma
• In the case of some heart and circulatory disease
• In the case of open wounds and certain skin dis.
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